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Tech Tip: How to fix duplicate form object names in 4D v13
Published On: August 24, 2012

For some time 4D has not allowed for the creation of multiple form objects with the same Object Name. Still previous versions of 4D allowed multiple objects to have the same Object Name and thus this issue could persist into a 4D v13 database via conversion.

In the past the only way to fix this was to manually rename or recreate the objects in question. 4D v13 introduces the abilty to fix this problem via the MSC. In particular:

  • If duplicated Object Names are present they will be presented as Warnings in the log file after Structure Verification, for example:
    << The name of the Button20 object of the [Customers]Input form (page 1) is not unique. >>

  • A Structure Repair will automatically update the non-unique Object Names to make them unique. The Repair log file will contain a list of the changes, for example:
    << The Button20 object of the [Customers]Input form (page 1) has been renamed Button21.>>

The renaming process involves working with a simple numeric suffix for each object name, increasing by 1 for each duplicated object.

IMPORTANT: this process only updates the Object Name propery. It does not update any 4D code that relied on the Object Names. Be sure to alter any code as needed.