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Tech Note: Developing with 4D Server Part 3:Naming Conventions for Multi-Developer 4D Proje
PRODUCT: 4D Server | VERSION: 3.x | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: September 1, 1996
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In July, we discussed the concept of using two of 4D's powerful built-in features, subfiles and relational lookups, to improve performance. In August, we continued our review with seven powerful uses of 4D Choice Lists. This month, we are continuing this examination with a discussion of the advantages of using 4D Server/4D Client for multi-user development.

This 4D Server review is in three parts:
• Part 1 - Advantages of 4D Server Development
• Part 2 - Setting Up a Multi-Developer 4D Password System
• Part 3 - Naming Conventions for Multi-Developer 4D Projects

Let's continue with Part 3 of our discussion: Naming Conventions for Multi-Developer 4D Projects. In this section, we will cover the following topics:
• Why have naming conventions?
• General Conventions for naming objects
• Conventions for naming Files and Fields
• Conventions for naming Variables
• Conventions for naming Procedures
• Conventions for naming Layouts