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Tech Note: Using the Power of the 4th Dimension Quick Report Editor
Published On: October 31, 1996

This tech note is another in the series of reviews of the built-in power of 4th Dimension. This month's subject is the Quick Report Editor. Virtually every database involves some type of reporting. When you design an application, you will already know about those reports that the user will need on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Some of those reports will probably be very sophisticated, reflecting the special needs of your organization. As a 4D developer, a part of your job is to create Custom Reports based on user specifications.

However, rarely can a design team predict every report that the user will ever need. As times and conditions change, users will need to look at the data in different ways. To quickly produce new reports from a fresh perspective, and to save those report formats for future recall: this is the job of the Quick Report Editor.

Some developers do not use the Quick Report Editor because they feel that it is only suitable for simple reports. The purpose of this technical note is to acquaint you with some very powerful and creative formatting options in the Quick Report Editor, so that you can use it for a wider range of reports.