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Tech Note: 4D V6 Cross Platform Strategies
PRODUCT: 4D | VERSION: 6.0.x | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: November 1, 1996

You support multiple users on a 4D database, and you need to know the directory where the user saves his/her files to, how would you find that directory?
You are developing a new form for input. You are planning to use the Palatino font on the Macintosh and Times New Roman on Windows. How would you know which machines had the correct fonts?
With V6, ACI’s newest version of 4th Dimension, the developer can quickly and easily create answers to the above questions. As those who attended DevCon ‘96 found out, V6 is jam packed with features that makes it easy for the developer to create a robust cross platform database.
Savvy 4D database developers will not want to wait until they can buy their upgrade copies of V6 to start planning how they will implement all the new power. This Technical Note is intended to give you a head start in doing just that! We will discuss:
• Optimal Cross Platform Development Environment
• Interface Considerations
• Using Style Sheets
• Capturing Environment Information
• Creating a User Preference File