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Tech Note: Optimizing Record Selections - Part 1 Under the Hood of the 4D Data File
Published On: May 1, 1997
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As your data file becomes larger, and as you add more 4D Client or Web connections, optimization becomes increasingly important. The purpose of this two-part Technical Note is to give you some insight into how you can optimize the handling of your record selections in 4D.

• In Part 1, we discuss the organization of a 4D data file and how it uses disk space and memory.
• In Part 2, we examine the concept of the current record, the current selection, and named selections in 4D, and discuss principles that can help you optimize performance when you have large data files and/or large numbers of users.

Unless otherwise noted, everything in this technical note applies equally to Macintosh and Windows, to 4D (single user) and 4D Client/Server, and to 4D versions 3 and 6.

Tech Note