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Tech Note: Customizing the 4D Form Wizard
Published On: August 1, 1997
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The 4th Dimension Form Wizard is a powerful tool for creating forms and for creating rules-based form templates. Although the Form Wizard has literally hundreds of built-in options, you may want to customize the “look and feel” of your templates by substituting your own Resources for those that the Form Wizard uses when creating templates. This technical note shows you how and where to place your own custom graphics so they will override the default graphics in the Form Wizard.

As an example, we use the MusicPro database, which is one of the sample applications included in the standard 4D and 4D Pro installation.

Note: 4D supports Mac OS-based resources on both Macintosh and Windows. However, since the Windows environment does not provide utilities for editing Mac OS-based resources, you will have to follow this example on a Macintosh.

Tech Note