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Tech Note: Filtering Methods and Forms in the 4D V6 Label Wizard
PRODUCT: 4D | VERSION: 6.0.x | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: December 1, 1997

The Label Wizard in 4D V6 gives users a simple, yet extremely powerful interface for designing and printing custom labels, name badges, or virtually any document in which data from many records needs to be printed in multiple columns on a page. Many new features have been incorporated into the V6 Label Wizard, such as user-defined options for selecting a database form for label output and for selecting a database project method to be executed each time a record (label) is printed.

While these features extend the functionality and flexibility of the 4D Label Editor, from a developer's standpoint they can also be problematic. Users are, by default, presented with drop-down lists of all database forms and all visible project methods from which to choose. The result of a mistakenly selected form or method by a hurried or possibly curious user can range from confusing and unexpected results to serious undesired modifications to data. Even without these potential dangers, most developers do not want their end users to be able to view their entire list of database forms and project methods. This technical note offers the developer a way to filter these lists so that only desired selections are made available to the database user.

Tech Note