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Tech Note: Import and Export Data From Related Tables
Published On: August 1, 1998
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Sometimes we need to import and export data that comes from a related table into a 4D database, or into a word processing document. You cannot, however, do so by using the "Export Data" or "Import Data" menu items in User mode. These two menu items only allow you to export and
import data using the current table.
This technical note offers you two solutions on how to import and export data from related tables:

• 4D's User mode, which allows you to generate a Quick Report, which is a document of type "text" (also called an ASCII document) that you can then import or open in any other application.

• Programming in 4D (in Runtime or User mode): by using the commands in the Communication category in the Language manual: SET CHANNEL, SEND PACKET, RECEIVE PACKET, SEND RECORD… to write an export or import method.

Tech Note