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Tech Note: An Introduction to Drag and Drop
Published On: October 1, 1999
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This Technical Note covers the basics of adding drag and drop to a 4D Database. It will also provide an introduction to concepts related to implementing drag and drop such as Form Events, pointers, and reusable code.

There are many advantages of drag and drop. For example, a drag and drop interface:
- Makes it easier for the user to insert or transfer data.
- Provides an intuitive interface that is easy to understand.
- Allows the user to interact with the application without using the keyboard.

This Technical Note examines
- drag and drop between two variables,
- drag and drop between two arrays,
- dragging from a hierarchical list,
- drag and drop between two processes.

It then gives some examples of how generic code makes it easier to implement and maintain drag and drop.

Tech Note