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Tech Note: Converting the Graph Commands to 4D Chart
PRODUCT: 4D Chart | VERSION: 6.0.x | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: September 1, 1998

Technical note 98-22, “The GRAPH Command in 4D V6,” discussed the differences between the Graph commands of 4D V3 and V6. The Graph commands are still supported in 4D V6, so that in your previous code can still be used, but now 4D Chart acts as the engine behind the scenes that
actually performs all graphing operations. If the capabilities of the Graph commands suit your needs, it is fine to continue using them.

But now that 4D Chart is built into 4th Dimension, you may be interested in building graphs with 4D Chart, instead of the GRAPH, GRAPH TABLE, and GRAPH SETTINGS commands. This technical note covers the details of implementing the features of the Graph commands in 4D Chart, focusing on creating graphs from arrays. A variety of tips and tricks are included, and two example databases
are provided.

In this technical note, all references to 4D V3 refer to all versions of 4D 3.x.x and 4D Server 1.x.x.

Tech Note