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Tech Note: Building Interactive Graphic Interfaces with 4D Draw, Part 1
PRODUCT: 4D Draw | VERSION: 6.5 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: July 1, 1999

How would you like your 4th Dimension database to be able to display a map of the United States, and color code the states according to the latest sales figures in your database? How would you like to be able to click on a state in the map and have the sales figures for that state displayed on the screen? This multiple-part technical note explains how to create interactive graphic interfaces with 4D Draw. Part 1 explains the issues involved in creating the 4D Draw vector graphics needed for these interfaces, and how to convert graphics from other sources. An example database demonstrates how to use 4D to auto-trace bitmap images to create 4D Draw vector graphics. Other technical notes in this series will describe how this example database works and will detail the techniques used to create interactive graphic interfaces.

Download Complete Tech Note and Example: Windows | Mac