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Tech Note: Introducing the HIGHLIGHT RECORDS command
Published On: September 1, 1999
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In the past, as I designed user interfaces, I often caught myself playing a certain game. I’d try to see how far I could go in designing an interface that would allow a user to interact with my database by just using keystrokes--in other words, how long would it take before they would be required to use the mouse.

I could practically make the entire database application keystroke-driven except--and this was the big "except"-- I could not devise a way for a user to select a record listed in the standard 4D output form without requiring use of the mouse. That is, until now.

I have built this functionality into a database called "4D MetaBASE." Although it was originally developed for other purposes, please refer to it for a working example of using this technique.

Using the HIGHLIGHT RECORDS command, new to version 6.5, one can make databases completely keyboard driven.

Tech Note