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Tech Note: Recovering Damaged Database Objects with 4D Tools 6.5
PRODUCT: 4D Tools | VERSION: 6.5 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: March 1, 2000

4D Tools is a utility program that is included with 4th Dimension. 4D Tools version 6.5 provides additional diagnostic features that allow you to detect and repair specific problems in a 4D structure file. The purpose of this technical note is to describe and illustrate how to take advantage of those new features.

Besides those new features, 4D Tools still allows you to perform the standard maintenance operations such as compacting a data file or defining a default sort order. Those features are thoroughly covered in the 4D Tools manual and, therefore, are not described in this technical note.

This technical note also describes a convenient way to check the structure file of a database using only 4D. With this method you can have 4D check the structure file before it opens the database. 4D Tools is required only when you want to repair the structure file.

Tech Note