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Tech Note: Creating a Custom Report Using a Dedicated Form
Published On: May 1, 2000

When it comes to creating a report using a custom output form, many questions come to mind. How many Break levels should I use? How many control lines should I use? What should be the position of the objects in relation to the control lines? What code should be associated with the form?
The purpose of this technical note is to answer those questions and explain how to create an output form and its associated code, for use in printing a report. To make sure the contents of this technical note apply to a broader selection of applications, only the technique that uses the commands BREAK LEVEL and ACCUMULATE is described here. If you don’t use these commands to initiate Break processing, your application won’t operate properly when compiled.

This technical note describes the basics of printing a report using a custom form. It explains how to assess the number of Break levels you need to create, how to initiate basic Break processing using the BREAK LEVEL command, and where objects should be on the form to be accumulated properly.

Tech Note