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Tech Note: Emulating the FileMaker Pro Book Object in 4D
Published On: May 1, 2000

FileMaker Pro uses a book object to navigate through records. Clicking on the top page moves back one record (unless you are at the first record), and clicking on the lower page takes you to the next record (unless you are at the last record). Clicking and dragging the tab slider allows you to move backwards and forwards through a selection of records (known in FileMaker Pro as the found set). This technical note implements similar behavior in 4D.

What at first sight appears to be a trivial problem is actually much more complex. But by implementing this solution in code, the behavior of the 4D book object can either be made to mimic FileMaker Pro’s behavior, or any behavior that you desire. The technique of making objects visible or invisible has many uses: you can easily create objects that appear to slide (such as a volume control), or rotate (radio dials), or move in any other way. These techniques can be used to create complex custom controls for user interfaces.

Tech Note