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Tech Note: DataGrid/EDM Overview — Beta 1
Published On: June 1, 2000
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This technical note is the first in a series that will describe the inner workings of the Beta 1 version of the DataGrid application. What is DataGrid? DataGrid is a
4th Dimension application that is designed to allow the end user to edit data that exists on several types of servers:
-4D Server as the "local" database (no plug-in required)
-4D servers (via 4D Open)
-ODBC servers (via 4D ODBC)
-Oracle servers (via 4D for Oracle)

Hopefully, this technical note has provided enough of an overview of the inner-workings of DataGrid and the Enterprise Data Module to get you started. This technical note is only the first in a series. Other technical notes to follow will describe in greater detail the workings of EDM and how it works with the specific databases
(4D, 4D Open, ODBC, and Oracle) that it supports.

**This Tech Note is no longer Available**