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Tech Note: Building Interactive Graphic Interfaces with 4D Draw, Part VI Implementing an In
PRODUCT: 4D Draw | VERSION: 6.5 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: May 1, 2000
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This is the sixth part of a technical note series about creating interactive graphic interfaces with 4D Draw.
Part VI includes an example database that demonstrates how to build a 4D Draw interactive graphic interface using the USA map that was auto-traced in the first part of the series. This technical note answers questions such as:
-How to display the map.
-How to detect when the user has selected objects in the map.
-How to visually indicate which objects are selected.
-How to query the database to find records based on the selection of objects.
-How to highlight objects in the map based on a selection of records in the database.

This technical note is the sixth part of a series about creating interactive graphic interfaces in 4D Draw. It demonstrates how the USA map created in the first part of this series can be incorporated into a separate project, as a graphic interface that provides a convenient way for the user to interact with the records of a database.

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