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Tech Note: Emulating the FileMaker Pro Book Object in 4D, Part II
Published On: June 1, 2000
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FileMaker Pro uses a book object to navigate through records. Clicking on the top page moves back one record (unless you are at the first record), and clicking on the lower page takes you to the next record (unless you are at the last record). Clicking and dragging the tab slider allows you to move backwards and forwards through a selection of records (known in FileMaker Pro as the found set). This technical note implements similar behavior in 4D.
In a previous technical note we implemented a technique which precisely mimicked FileMaker Pro’s behavior. In this technical note we will implement a simpler technique which utilizes 4D’s ruler object.

While this method is similar to the FileMaker Pro book object, it is not exactly the same. However, due to 4D’s implementation of the ruler object, the code is much simpler and the movement of the tab is smoother.

Tech Note