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Tech Note: Keyword Indexes (Part 3)
Published On: September 1, 2000

One way of indexing string or text fields is to create a keyword index. The words that comprise the string are separated and stored as individual records in a related Many table. When the user needs to query for a particular word, or sequence of words, the Many table is searched for the keyword, and the related one record[s] can be found using the relation between the tables.

This technical note covers the third of three techniques for creating keyword indexes:

Part 1 coveres simple keyword indexing of one table. The technique also allowed you to create a list
of words that should not be indexed. (prepositions, for example.)

Part 2 discusses a technique that allows you to build synonym queries. This technique allows you to add synonyms to keywords so that querying for a particular word (such as folder) will also return
results with similar words (directory). You create your own entries.

This technical note implements a technique to use keywords to index across multiple tables.

Sample databases are included with each technical note.

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