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Tech Note: Using MOVE OBJECT During Printing
Published On: November 1, 2000

In 4D 6.7, the MOVE OBJECT and GET OBJECT RECT commands have been improved. These commands can now be used during printing. These commands work during printing if a PRINT SELECTION, PRINT FORM, or PRINT RECORD has been executed. They do not work with the PRINT LABEL command.

The commands use the same parameters that you can use and define when displaying a form. You can specify relative coordinates or absolute coordinates. In printing mode, you can also resize objects
such as you can in display mode.

If you have to specify absolute coordinates, you need to specify the * parameter. Otherwise, if you do not specify this parameter, the defined coordinates will be treated as absolute coordinates. However, if absolute coordinates have been specified, you need to take care that the new coordinates of the object to move are still correct. It is for this reason that the GET OBJECT RECT command has also been improved and used during printings.

The following database illustrates how you can use these commands in printing mode.

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