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Tech Note: 4D Mixed-Mode Web Serving Techniques: Crossing the bridge between Contextual and
Published On: September 1, 2000

This Technical Note and Sample Database provide a foundation upon which an interactive web site can be quickly and easily constructed by taking advantage of the best of Non-contextual and Contextual Modes in 4D. It should be relatively easy to use the sample database as a template for any site that needs an easy way to display static HTML as well as present interactive forms to the user without a lot of 4D or HTML programming. Performance should be good because Contextual Mode
processes are reserved for sections of the site which require it, while Non-contextual Mode processes
can quickly handle all other requests.

Using additional Non-contextual techniques from other example databases such as CookieMonster4D, WebExam, Auction, Snap-e and eBiz, even more dynamic content could be added to a site based on 4DMixedModeWeb. Future versions of 4D will also make it easier to add dynamic
content by using an expanded HTML tag set — allowing some of the "logic" to be moved out of 4D methods into HTML pages. For an even more comprehensive survey of 4D web serving techniques, consider attending a 4D training class near you.

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