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Tech Note: 4D Web Serving Using Perl CGIs
Published On: February 28, 2001

Since the release of 4Dv6.7, 4D Web Serving now offers the ability to use CGI's (Common Gateway Interface). With this new feature that was not offered in previous versions, you can use CGI scripts to perform tasks that were not possible with 4D. CGI's for Web servers are similar to plug-ins for 4D Methods. they are called by the Web server to execute a task and return an answer. They can either result in a full page or some HTML code inserted in the page sent by the server. CGI's are frequently used to display hit counters, generate guest books, question answer forms, etc. The main purpose to use CGI's with 4D is to perform tasks that cannot be done by 4D.

This tech note discusses the use of Perl CGI's with 4D Web Serving. The sample database demonstrates the use of five Perl CGI scripts. Even though some of the Perl scripts being demonstrated are not part of everyday practical use, it is simply a way of showing the use of Perl CGI's and how they can be used with 4Dv6.7. The purpose of this tech note is to show how to call CGI's through HTML tags, and the show the file location of the CGI's

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