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Tech Tip: PDFWriter generating multiple documents when printing from 4D
Published On: March 2, 2001

If you are using PDFWriter* to convert 4D documents into PDF files (Adobe® Acrobat® Portable Document Format), you may run into a problem.

The problem is that multiple documents may be created when using PDFWriter in conjunction with 4D to print PDF files. When you send a print job to a printer it can be sent as one job or many, however, when you use PDFWriter multiple print jobs it will result in multiple documents. The solution is to select the "Print one job" preference in the database structure by:

1. Open the database structure file with 4D Customizer Plus.
2. Double-click the Preferences resource icon.
3. Inside the Preference options, make sure the "Print one job" option is selected.

Once you set this preference, print jobs sent to the PDFWriter should no longer create multiple documents.

*Adobe Acrobat PDFWriter is a printer driver installed with Adobe Acrobat Exchange. You can use Acrobat PDFWriter to convert virtually any file to PDF by running the Print command from within an application.