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Tech Tip: Using multiple versions of Network Components under Windows
PRODUCT: Network Components | VERSION: | PLATFORM: Win
Published On: February 23, 2001

If you are running multiple 4D Servers of differing versions, you may find it difficult to connect to all servers from a single Windows client since the Network Components reside in the active Windows directory and are used by all 4D applications on that machine.

C:\Windows\ACI\Network <-- v6.5 or older

C:\Windows\4D\Network <-- v6.7 or newer

Note that with the change to the name of the folder from ACI to 4D with version 6.7 of 4th Dimension, there is no problem using v6.7 with any previous version on the same Windows computer (6.7 will use the NC's in the 4D folder, previous versions will use the NC's in the ACI folder). Also, there is no problem mixing NC's on the Macintosh because they are stored in the resource fork of the individual applications and not shared.

You can, of course, standardize on a single version of the 4D Network Components for all your servers and clients. But if that is impracticle due to the size of your network or other factors here is an alternative.

To allow each 4D application to use a different version of the NC's:

1. Remove NC's from the Network folder in the active Windows directory
2. Create an empty text file in the active Network folder for each NC
3. Rename the text files to match the NC's, for example: "4DNCTCP.DLL" Windows will warn you about changing the file type, do it anyway
4. Place the actual NC's you wish to use in the same directory as the corresponding executable file, for example: with "4DClient.EXE"

Now, when you launch a 4D application it will see the (empty) NC files in the Network folder and be happy. But since the DLL is empty, Windows will instead look for the NC in the same directory as the application executable and load the DLL from there instead.