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Tech Tip: Creating a Help Message for an object
Published On: February 16, 2001

When creating a picture button or a clickable object (non-text), the interpretation of the picture may not be clear enough for all users. One thing that would help is to include a Help Message (Tool Tip/Balloon Help) to the object. The object will display a Help Message when the mouse is over it.

There are some Help Messages that 4D provides for the basic functions in 4D: Accept, Cancel, Delete Record, etc. However, creating a custom Help Message in 4D is also possible.

To create a custom Help Message:

1. In the Design mode, open up a form in the editing mode.
2. Select Display and Object Properties in the Form menu to Display the Object Properties.
3. In the Object Properties, select the Help Tab (last tab).
4. Click the "New" button to create a new Help Message.
5. Double click on the "Help Text #" and rename it to something else.
6. Enter the help message in the Help Message area.
7. Close the Object property when you are done.

To assign a Help Message to an object:

In the Object List (dropdown list), select the Object you want to assign the Help Message to