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Tech Tip: Loading and Saving a Quick Report Design
Published On: May 4, 2001

You can save a Quick Report design as a file that you can open from the Quick Report editor. The saved Quick Report includes all of your specifications for the report, but not the data. By saving report designs, you can maintain a library of quick report designs that you can use depending on your needs.

To save a report design from the Quick Report editor:

1. Choose Save from the File Menu
4D will display a create-file dialog box in which you can name the quick report design.

2. Enter a filename for the quick report and click OK.
4D saves the report as a file that you can open with the Quick Report editor. You can save the file on any available hard disk. Saving a previously saved or loaded report replaces the old report.

When the Quick Report editor is open, you can load a saved design and use it to print a new report. You can use the same quick report design repeatedly to print different selections of records.

To load a report design into the Quick Report editor:

1. Choose Open from the File menu. 4D displays an open-file dialog box displaying a list of available quick report designs.

2. Double-click a file or select a filename from the list and click OK.
4D will replace the current design with the design you just opened.