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Tech Tip: Using SET DATABASE PARAMETER to Choose the HTML Translation Type
Published On: May 4, 2001

If you just upgraded to version 6.7 and are using your database to publish Web contents in contextual mode, you may have noticed that the dynamic translation of the 4D forms was modified. If you want to go back to the original translation your database was defined for, you can do so by using the SET DATABASE PARAMETER command.

The syntax is as follows:

SET DATABASE PARAMETER(selector;ConversionType)

The selector value sets the property to change. To change the conversion mode, that value has to be 8.

The conversion type can be any of the following values:

0= (Default mode) Conversion to the HTML 4.0 format if it is allowed by the browser. Else, HTML 3.2 format + array use.
1= 6.0.x conversion mode
2= 6.5 conversion mode
3= Conversion to the HTML 4.0 format + CSS-P (since version 6.5.2)

Passing one of these values will select the corresponding conversion type. Please note that the SET DATABASE PARAMETER HAS to be called from the On Web Connection database method for it to affect the conversion mode.