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Tech Tip: Another Compelling Reason to use Comments in Methods
Published On: June 29, 2001

Many developers use comments at the beginning of a method to give basic information about that method that is visible in the preview window of Explorer. This can be a time saver when looking for a method performing a specific action but the name of the method is unknown or forgotten. The example given below can be modified to include pertinent information such as company name, date created, date modified and/or who modified it and why. Once a generic header is created, it can be stored in a text file and copied and pasted into the beginning of each method created.

` Project Method: Shell_PROCESS_fCheckAvailable (longint) -> boolean
` This method is provided courtesy of the 4D University Programming Class
` "Application Building With 4th Dimension v6.7".
` Searching for answers? Be sure to check out the "About..." menu located in the
` Apple menu (Macintosh), or the Help menu (PC running Windows). There you can
` find online help for this example database, as well as a listing of numerous 4D
` resources available to you.

` Your local 4D University classes cover programming 4D Methods (like this one)
` in great detail. A link for current course descriptions and class schedules can
` be found in the "About..." dialog as well.
` Created By: Kent Wilbur
` Purpose: Check to see if an existing process is available to be reused