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Tech Tip: The CREATE ALIAS command
Published On: June 29, 2001

CREATE ALIAS (targetPath; aliasPath)

The CREATE ALIAS command creates an alias (named "shortcut" under Windows) for the target file or folder passed in targetPath. The name and location are defined by the targetPath parameter.

An alias can be made for any kind of document or folder. The alias icon will be the same as the target item. The icon contains a small arrow at the bottom left side. Under MacOS, the icon name is also displayed in italic characters.

This command does not assign a name by default, the name has to be passed in the aliasPath parameter. If just a name is passed in this parameter, the alias is created in the current working folder (usually the folder containing the structure file).

Under Windows, the shortcuts are designated by a ".LNK" extension (invisible). If this extension is not passed, it is automatically added by the command. If an empty string is passed in the targetPath , the command does nothing.