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Tech Tip: PRINT SELECTION vs PRINT FORM and variable frames
Published On: June 29, 2001

You can use subforms, picture fields, and text fields in a report. These objects can be set to print with either a fixed or variable frame. Fixed frame objects print within the confines of the object as it was created on the form. Variable frame objects expand during printing to include the entire contents of the object. You cannot place more than one variable frame object side-by-side on a form. You can place non-variable frame objects on either side of a variable frame Picture or Text field provided that the variable frame object is at least one line longer than the object beside it and that all objects are aligned to the top. Otherwise, during printing, the contents of the other fields will be repeated for every horizontal slice of the variable frame object. You cannot place objects on either side of a variable frame subform. You can place variable objects within the Body area only.

PRINT FORM simply prints forms with the current values of fields and variables. It prints only the Detail area (the area between the Header line and the Detail line) of the form. It is usually used to print very complex reports that require complete control over the printing process. PRINT FORM does not do any record processing, break processing, page breaks, headers, or footers. These operations are your responsibility. PRINT FORM prints fields and variables in a fixed size frame only.

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