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Tech Tip: Moving the 4D Plugin API folder and updating the Access Paths in Codewarrior
Published On: July 13, 2001

When creating a plugin, an option in the 4D Plugin Wizard is to save the 4D Plugin API folder to disk with the new plugin. For some this may be redundant, since this folder is needed for each plugin, so some developers may wish to only keep one copy of this folder and compile against it. In order for this to work the developer must update the Access Path in Codewarrior to point to the new location of this file. If the developer does not update the Access Path, errors will result when compiling.

The easiest way to update the Access Paths for the "4D Plugin API" folder is to remove the current folder from the project and then add it back in. In order to accomplish this simply highlight the "4D Plugin API" folder in the project window and drag the folder to the trash. This will remove the "4D Plugin API" folder from the current project. The next step is to locate the "4D Plugin API" folder you wish to use in all of your plugin projects and drag this folder to the Project window. By doing so you will add the 4D Plugin API files back into the Plugin Project and you will automatically update your Access Paths. When you add the folder back to your project you will be prompted which Targets you wish to add the files too. For the majority of developers simply clicking OK will be sufficient. By clicking OK you are updating all of the Targets with the "4D Plugin API" folder. A dialog will also appear after clicking OK that will notify you that your Access Paths have been updated to point to this folder. You should now be ready to compile with your updated project.