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Tech Tip: Why can't I cut, copy or paste to the text field
Published On: July 13, 2001

If you cannot cut, copy or paste text into a field, it is possible that you do not have an Edit menu. This problem is caused by the way you assign a menu bar to a form. In many cases, we seem to forget that when we perform cutting and pasting with the key command, we are actually performing a shortcut key to the menu item of the Edit menu.

When you open up a form in the initial custom menu process, menu bar #1 has the default Edit menu attached to it. As long as you keep using the same process, the Edit operation will always work. If you create a new process and the form as an associated menu bar assign to it (but you have not used the MENU BAR command), the form window will have all menus except the Edit menu.

Here is one way to solve this problem:

Create an empty menu bar and assign to the form.
- Open the menu bar editor.
- Click "Add" to add a new menu bar.
- Under "Current Menu Bar" section, click Delete.
- Open the form in the editing mode.
- In the Form Properties, choose the menu bar that we have just create in the Associated Menu Bar drop/down menu.
Assign a menu bar procedurally.
- At anytime that you are calling a new process, make sure that you execute the command MENU BAR with the correct menu bar number before you call the OPEN WINDOW or OPEN FORM WINDOW commands.