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Tech Tip: Displaying a PDF file in the Web Browser
Published On: July 20, 2001

Generally, all documents that are sent to the Web Browser will be checked for their MIME/Type. If the browser recognizes the type of the document, it will attempt to open it with an appropriate application available on the machine. If you have a PDF document that you would like the Web users to view in their Web Browser, you must first read the PDF document into a blob. You must then send the blob containing the PDF file to the browser using the SEND HTML BLOB command.

Note: The Web browser will use the Acrobat Reader locally. Therefore, the Acrobat Reader must be installed on the Client machine.

IMPORTANT: You must specify the correct MIME/TYPE in the SEND HTML BLOB command to allow the Web browser to recognize the file type and the application tneeded to open it.

For example: Here we have a simple HTML page that contains one submit button.

When the user clicks on the button, the request is sent to the HTTP engine of 4D/4D Server and the SendPDF method is executed.

` Project Method: SendPDF
` Description: Reads a PDF document into a blob and
` sends it to the Web
` Author: Add Komoncharoensiri



If (web_PDF#"")
 DOCUMENT TO BLOB(":WebFolder:"+web_PDF;blb)
 SEND HTML BLOB(blb;"application/PDF")
End if