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Tech Tip: Where should the Network Components be installed on the Terminal Server?
Published On: August 3, 2001

The location of the Network Components directory is the same as the location of the file named "4DV6PRF.RSR". Each time 4D Client or 4D Server is launched, it will look for the Network folder (containing the Network Component files) at the same level that the prefs file is created. Since the Windows Terminal Server does not use the same configuration for user preferences that standard Windows does, the 4DV6PRF.RSR may not be created in the same folder in which the product installer places the network components. Therefore, first find the location of 4DV6PRE.RSR file and then place the Network folder in the same location. You can also use the Windows command prompt to find out the active Windows directory by entering "echo %systemroot%". Or use a utility like FileMon to find out exactly which directory 4D Client is looking for the Network components in: