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Tech Tip: What happens when submitting HTML Forms
Published On: August 3, 2001
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When you submit the contents of an HTML form to 4D's Web Server, you do so by setting the "action" of the <form> tag:

<form name="form_name" method="post" action="/4dcgi/form_handle">

- or -

<form name="form_name" method="post" action="/4daction/form_handle">

What does 4D do when it receives this form? The first thing that happens is that the COMPILER_WEB method will execute, if it exists. This method should be used to declare variables that may be used to accept data automatically from like-named HTML form items. For instance, if you had this in your HTML form:

<input type="text" name="tWebVar" value="Data from the Web">

And you had the following line in COMPILER_WEB:


Then _after_ COMPILER_WEB executes the tWebVar variable in 4D would have "Data from the Web" as its value.

After COMPILER_WEB Executes, the "On Web Authentication" database method will execute, followed by either "On Web Connection" (for use with /4dcgi/) or the method specified for use with /4daction/.

It is also always a good idea to initialize your form variables in COMPILER_WEB, to make sure you only get the values from the current form submission and not any previous values in case the process is being reused by 4D.