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Tech Tip: ObjectLink Plug-In and Variables
Published On: August 17, 2001

The ObjectLink Plug-in is intended to be used with the 4D Plug-Ins for Adobe GoLive® and Macromedia Dreameaver®. This plug-in will export a catalog of selected 4D tables, fields, methods, and variables. In order to export the variables, however, you must paste in a list of variables, since ObjectLink does not parse them out of your 4D Structure file.

To get a list of your variables, you can use 4D Compiler. When you create your project, specify that it creates a Typing file. After compiling, open the Typing file with a text editor and copy all the variables you wish to export via ObjectLink. Return to 4th Dimension, and open the ObjectLink window. (From the User environment, go to the Special menu and choose 4D ObjectLink. The ObjectLink Plug-In must be installed first.) Click the variables tab, and then paste the stuff you copied from the typing file generated by 4D Compiler. Next, click the "Filter Declarations" button to remove the compiler directives from what you have pasted in. After that, click the blue double-triangle button to move the variables to the list of variables for export. Voila!