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Tech Tip: What options are available for synching with Palm Pilot devices?
Published On: August 24, 2001


OPTION 1. ASG Software's "Synch This!" plug-in for Palm connectivity:


OPTION 2. PenBase PalmServer by Eric Vergnaud distributed by e-Node

A gateway between Palm pocket computers and 4D Server, PalmServer provides 4D
developers with a solution that enables enterprise users to synchronize
their data with a 4D Server database instead of the PalmDesktop application.

PalmServer can synchronize information from the four Palm native
applications : AddressBook, DateBook, Memos and ToDoList.

See also PalmStation (beta version), a PalmServer concept applied to 4D single
user mode :


OPTION 3. 4JFile Component from PalmConversions

4JFile version 1.1 now adds increased synchronization capabilities. When
reading in JFile databases, the developer can now quickly tell if a record
has been modified or deleted. These new features make it easier than ever
to build custom PalmOS synchronization abilities into their existing

If you haven't used the 4Jfile Component before, realize the power of
handheld data entry by downloading the demo today from the PalmConversions
web site.


Also, new products are frequently announced on the 4D-NUG (Networked Users Group), a mailing list frequented by many excellent 4D developers.

There is a searchable archive of mail sent to the 4D-NUG at: