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Tech Tip: Editing the Source of the 4D Plug-in Wizard
Published On: August 24, 2001

The 4D Plug-in Wizard is distributed as an uncompiled 4D application; as such, if you have a copy of 4th Dimension you can view and modify its internal code. NOTE: The 4D Plug-in Wizard comes with 4D Runtime which does not allow entry to design mode. We encourage developers to modify the Plug-in Wizard. If you make any modifications and think they may help the 4D Developer Community, let us know and we will look into adding your modifications to the Plug-in Wizard.

To modify the code in the Plug-in Wizard, bring the splash screen to the front and press Option-F on a Macintosh, or Alt-F4 on Windows.

One key area of interest will be the main development screen of the Plug-in Wizard which is located in the [Projects] table. This input form is where you can create the source code for a base plug-in. The project method BuildSource is the main code generation method. This method gets run to actually generate the C source code that you see in the 4D Write area. The method PluginMain is called from BuildSource and is used to create the main headers and case statement of the Plug-in. BuildMethode creates the individual methods for each Plug-in call. These areas can help you get started if you so wish to modify the 4D Plug-in Wizard.