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Tech Tip: Importing in Themes and Commands from a Plug-in
Published On: August 31, 2001

In some cases it may be necessary to base a new plug-in off an older one. This is a potentially tedious process if you have already begun the plug-in and you now have to add all the commands from the older plug-in. We have included an import routine in the Plug-in Wizard to help you work around this issue. Importing into the new plug-in will bring all the Themes and Commands from the old plug-in into the new plug-in. One area to look out for is that when you import in from another plug-in, it will bring over the Theme and Command syntax, but it will not add the core of the older plug-in command. It will only add the outline of the command as if you had created the command from scratch.

To import an older plug-in into the new plug-in, simply click on the Import From Plug-in button as shown below:

You will be presented with an Open dialog. Browse your hard-drive until you have found the plug-in you wish to import and choose Open. This will import the Theme and Command syntax into your plug-in.

Notice in this example that we have imported two different Themes and commands from the 4D Summit sample plug-ins. At this point you can generate your plug-in code to disk and begin modifying code.