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Tech Tip: An easy way to get a list of users currently logged into 4D Server
Published On: September 7, 2001
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Use the command GET REGISTERED CLIENTS to return an array containing a list of all "Registered" 4D Clients connected to 4D Server. For best results using this command:

1. Turn off the check box in the Connections tab of the Database Properties labeled "Register Cilents at Startup."

2. Place a call to REGISTER CLIENT in your On Startup Database Method. You can pass whatever identification information you wish to this command (e.g. the Current user or Workstation ID).

3. Place a call to UNREGISTER CLIENT in your On Exit Database Method.

These commands were added to 4D to facilitate executing functions between different machines in a 4D Client/Server environment. For more details, see Tech Note 00-27 from June of 2000 "Executing Functions Between Different Machines" by Jean-Yves Fock-Hoon.