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Tech Tip: Creating your own "About..." dialog box
Published On: September 21, 2001
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4D allows you to create your own "About..." dialog. You can do this by using the SET ABOUT command. In this command, you can specify the text for the menu item and the name of the method that will display your custom About form by using the DIALOG command. However, in this case 4D will display other information at the top of your dialog, such as the 4D icon, the 4D version number, the 4D Compiler version, and some copyright items.

If you do not want to display this additional information, you must display the About dialog from within a separate process. In the method that is called directly from the SET ABOUT command, you will then create a new process and it's from within the new process that you can display your own About dialog without any added 4D items.