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Tech Tip: ODBC Driver for 4D Server is not working correctly after an update
PRODUCT: ODBC for 4D Server | VERSION: 6.5 | PLATFORM: Win
Published On: October 5, 2001

When installing an updated version of the ODBC Driver for 4D server, you also need to delete any old user or system DSNs and configure new ones that use the updated ODBC Driver. If this is not done, the new ODBC Driver may misbehave and return strange results.

To delete your old DSNs, go to the ODBC Manager Control Panel. For example, under Windows 2000: Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools, and select Data Sources (ODBC).

Go to the User or System DSN tab of the ODBC dialog box, highlight the appropriate data source names (ODBC for 4D Server), and click the Remove button. Now you can proceed to create new data sources utilizing the new version of the ODBC Driver for 4D Server.

For more information, see the ODBC Driver for 4D Server reference manual at: