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Tech Note: Inside the Report Demo Database
Published On: December 30, 2001
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The Report Demo example database is an intermediate-level database, written by Tad Michael Wheeler, of DataCraft. This simple database contains a hierarchical data structure with 3 tables, a structure that is very common in database design. The Report Demo example database is a basic database that demonstrates the usage of common reporting functions. It demonstrates one approach to creating a report, which is generated from the Many table. It uses break levels and accumulation to aid the developer in seeing what actually occurs when this type of report is generated. You can print preview the report and see which code is running where.

I will be discussing the following methods, and explaining how they are used in the Report Demo.

On Startup



Now that you have a brief idea of what the Report demo can do, and what I will be discussing in this tech note, lets start off by looking at the first method that is executed when launching the Report Demo database.

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