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Tech Tip: How to replicate data from a subtable to a a new table
Published On: November 20, 2001
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At some point in the evolution of a database, you may want to stop using a subtable field and instead use a related table. At this point, you need to replicate the subtable data to the related table. The following piece of code implements such a change in one pass:

ALL RECORDS([Table_with_Subtable])
For ($i;1;Records in selection([Table_with_Subtable]))
LOAD RECORD([Table_with_Subtable])
ALL SUBRECORDS([Table_with_Subtable]Field3)
For ($j;1;Records in subselection([Table_with_Subtable]Field3))
CREATE RECORD([Target_Table])
`having a key field is required to establish the relation
`below is the actual data replication
SAVE RECORD([Target_Table])
NEXT SUBRECORD([Table_with_Subtable]Field3)
End for
UNLOAD RECORD([Table_with_Subtable])
NEXT RECORD([Table_with_Subtable])
End for

For each record of the original table, the code loops through all the subrecords and creates a matching record in the target table. Make sure you assign a key field as well in order to establish a relation to the original table.