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Tech Tip: Editing plug-in resources for Windows
PRODUCT: 4D | VERSION: 6.7.1 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: November 30, 2001

When creating plug-ins for Mac and Windows, there are times when a developer may need to edit an internal resource to a plug-in. On the Mac this is a straightforward practice of opening the plug-in using a product such as ResEdit or Resorcerer. The same basic steps would also apply to edit a Windows plug-in. The easiest way to edit resources for a Windows plug-in is to open the plug-in on the Mac and make the modifications there.

When generating the source code for a Windows plug-in, the 4D Plug-in Wizard will produce a file called "4DPlugin.rsrc". This file contains the resources for the plug-in. You can open this file with ResEdit or some other type of Resource editor on a Mac and make any modifications you wish. When you compile the Windows plug-in, the updated resources will be incorporated into the Windows plug-in.

Essentially, anytime you need to update an internal resource for a Windows plug-in move the 4Dplugin.rsrc source file produced by the 4D Plug-in Wizard over to a Mac, and then open the file with a resource editor to make any modifications. Once completed, simply copy the file back over to a Windows machine and recompile the plug-in.