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Tech Tip: Multiple segment database will not open after being transported
Published On: December 7, 2001
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When you attempt to open a multiple segment database after transporting it to a different platform, 4D asks you to select the database's segments. This happens because the path to the segments, which is stored in the first segment, is not valid on the new platform. If you have defined a Wedd resource for that database, 4D will refuse to open the database as soon as you select the second segment. To correct the problem, you need to remove the WEDD resource from both the structure and data files before the actual transport.

To remove a WEDD resource from a Structure or a data file, follow the steps below:

1- Open the file using Customizer Plus
2- On Windows, double-click the WEDD icon while pressing the Alt key.
On Mac OS, double-click the WEDD icon while pressing the Option key.
The resource is then displayed in gray.
3- Quit Customizer Plus