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Tech Tip: Updating the value of a form variable in another process
Published On: January 18, 2002

To update the value of a variable in a form that is running in another process, the first thing that you need to retrieve is the process ID. The process ID will allow you to make a call directly to that particular process so that it can perform any necessary action within itself. The operation that we want to perform here is to update the value of a variable in the form. Each time we want to make an update, we will assign a new value to an interprocess-variable (e.g. <>tempVar) and then execute CALL PROCESS(DestProcID). This will trigger the On Outside Call event of the destination process. For the On Outside Call to be trapped within the form method, you need to create an If or Case of statement to trap the following condition:

(Form event=On Outside Call)

If the condition is found to be true, you will assign the value of <>tempVar to the variable that needs to be updated.