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Tech Tip: Defining the Background Color of a 4D Chart Area
PRODUCT: 4D Chart | VERSION: 6.7 | PLATFORM: Mac & Win
Published On: January 18, 2002

If you want to set the background color of a 4D Chart area, you may feel tempted to select a platform setting for the object that would offer such a background. This will only display different shades of gray, in addition to the platform's specific display attributes. Well, selecting the background color for a 4D Chart area is not different from selecting a background color for other form objects:

1- In the form editor, select the 4D Chart area.
2- In the Object Properties dialog, go to the Colors page.
3- From the Background picture menu, select the color you want to use.
The 4D Chart area background color is then set to that color (no matter which platform settings you are using).