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Tech Tip: Web page updating "gotchas"
Published On: January 31, 2002

The following is a checklist of some basic items to be reviewed when 4D seems to have failed to properly serve a Web page.

1- Make sure that the current version of the Web page has been loaded by the browser.
-- On the Mac hold down the Command key while clicking the Reload button of the browser.
-- On Windows hold down the Control key while clicking the Reload button of the browser.

2- Make sure that the database is actually being served:
In the User Environment, be sure that Start Web Server on the Web Server menu is unavailable, and that Stop Web Server is available. This indicates that the database is currently being served. If you wish the database to automatically be served on startup, check that "Publish Database On Startup" is selected in Database Properties (Web Server I tab).

3- Make sure that 4D methods have been saved. Close them.

4- If the database is to access included pages stored in the WebFolder:
-- Make sure that you have created the WebFolder and put the pages in it.
-- Make sure that these pages are not opened in your text processor.
-- Check that the names of your included pages, and their names in your code, correspond (check for typos).

5- If you have 4D tags in included pages and those tags are not executing, make sure that you have named the included pages with the correct file name extension:
Files ending in ".html" and ".htm" are not parsed by 4D before sending them out. It is presumed that these files are "static" and that there are no 4D tags in the pages. Files ending with ".shtml" are pre-processed by the 4D Web server, executing any statements in 4D tags, before the contents of the file are sent out.

6- If you have changed the name or location of the WebFolder:
- If the WebFolder is not in the same folder as the database structure, be sure that you have entered the path and folder name in Database Properties (Web Server I tab) and check the path and folder name for typos. Be sure that the last character entered is not a forward slash (/).
- Quit and reopen the database to be sure that modifications to Database Properties have been read by 4D.