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Tech Tip: Making a choice list modifiable
Published On: February 26, 2002
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Version 6.5.x and 6.7.x

4th Dimension allows you to specify whether a list of items can be changed by the user when the list is displayed as a choice list. By default, a list is modifiable. If you allow a list to be user-modifiable, the user has access to a special List editor in the User environment. The special List editor is for the assigned list only. The user cannot add lists, delete lists, or change any other list. If a list is modifiable, the user can make any change to that list’s items.

To make the list user-modifiable:

  1. In the List editor, select the list that you want to make modifiable.
  2. Pull down the Lists menu.
  3. If User Modifiable does not have a check mark, choose User Modifiable from the Lists menu.

4th Dimension adds a check mark to the menu command. The list can now be modified in the User environment.